Where We're Headed

We have a formal letter of support from PBS for a full series order, and plan to launch the first episode as a special to draw attention to coastal communities before the U.N. climate talks in Paris. Beyond entertainment, this is a social action campaign geared for IMPACT, so we are reaching out to press and encouraging mayors of America's largest coastal communities to promote their plans for preparedness and resilience. Partnering with top NGOs like The Nature Conservancy, Virgin Unite and other policymakers to influence reform, we also plan to help scale the great work done by the astonishing characters featured in each episode.

In our first season, we will travel the globe, encouraging better individual habits and demonstrate reals solutions to our generation's greatest challenges. Locations include:

  • Deforestation in Ecuador
  • The refugee haven of New Zealand
  • Waters wars and The Dead Sea
  • Trouble at home in Manhattan and Miami
  • Food solutions from Cuba
  • The coastal metropolis of Mumbai and Guangzhou
  • Corporate pollution impacting our nation's BEER
  • The melting glaciers of Greenland

Last Glimpse has hosted sold-out showings in San Francisco, Chicago, D.C. and Los Angeles, presented at Summit Series, and during the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York.

Your sponsorship makes our efforts possible, increasing the marketing budget to create a moment that can spur unlikely discussions on climate issues prior to the pivotal UN talks. 

Watch a 10-minute teaser that provides a sense of the tone of the show. You can also review the treatment for our full first season.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Executive Producer Sundeep Ahuja or Host Josh Burstein directly to discuss support of the production.

  • Sundeep Ahuja I sundeep@gmail.com I 650.720.5029
  • Josh Burstein I josh@revelous.org I 804.490.2741