Issue-based Entertainment

Draw. Loose! takes a lot of shots, messaging on issues that matter across all media platforms. Scripted or unscripted, we aim for consensus through strong and authentic performance, without hesitation, always ready to nock another.


LAST GLIMPSE: now streaming

Last Glimpse explores "Modern Atlantis" - the island paradise of the Maldives. It's the lowest lying nation in the world, and due to rising sea levels, this community and its culture is on the brink. In this travel show with purpose, we meet young people taking action on the frontlines of change.


SPACEDROP: television

Coming Summer 2019. Josh joins a research mission at NASA’s Mars simulator to experience how the average person would live off-planet. What routines, food, pets, culture, sensations are only available to us on Earth? What happens if we actually had to drop everything and move to space??


BLANK CANVASS: web series

This comedy series, released the final days before the 2018 midterm elections, makes the Get Out The Vote organizing experience approachable to newcomers and highlights exciting young candidates: including Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, Attorney General Josh Kaul, and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood.



In development. Based on radical real events in 1968, when Columbia students shut down the campus for six days and held the Dean hostage to protest the Vietnam War and gentrification in neighboring Harlem. This comedy-drama explores youth in revolt when the war was wrong, and the people trying to stop it were doing the right thing – though not always in the right way.



Professors Isenberg & Burstein offer no historical fairytales as they discuss our Founding Father’s principles – and their influence on modern day politics. This podcast takes expert academic perspective out of the classroom and archives, with accuracy and analysis unavailable to broadcast pundits. The series coincides with their new book on the Presidents Adams, published by Viking Press.